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90 Minds, Inc. is a 501(c)(6) group of consultants who share technical information centered on the products which they sell and support.  The group presently has over 200 members consisting of ERP consultants, resellers, and trusted advisors in good standing.  Affiliate opportunities are available to organizations that sell through our consultant members. 

Affiliate Dues for 2022 

Dues renew annually and are typically paid along with your Meeting of The Minds sponsor fees.  Dues payment is required within 10-days of the invoice date and no later than Dec 23, 2021.  Dues may be subject to change in the future.   

Initial joiner fee - $4,150  

Affiliate Renewal - $2,150  

Lapsed Affiliate Renewal - $3,250 

    This is an annual recurring affiliate fee.  As an affiliate member, you have the option to purchase tickets or sponsorships (as available) to our events.

    Preference for paid speaking sponsorships is given to our renewing Affiliate members.

    Lapsed Affiliate Renewal is offered one-time only for a lapse between Affiliate membership years and is subject to pre-approval.

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